I grew up in a home that had walls full of books. That’s not an exaggeration, that’s a fact. After our first big move, when all our books was in the same house, I told my dad I want to make a list of them. He said I wouldn’t live that long 😅 Still, I tried a few apps to record them. Unfortunately, they weren’t built to have such a big database.

Fortunately for me, I found about Goodreads. Recording the books became a bit easier, since they were already in their database. But what about the ones that weren’t? I had to create entries, and for that I had to become a librarian. A “job” I happily accepted.

At the moment, there are around 1900 books recorded on Goodreads, and those are mostly comic books. Multiply the number by 10, and you might get an idea of how many books we carry each time we move.

Loving books, being a book nerd, is truly a curse. We each have our demons, right? Well, books are one of mine. I love them, just like I love the other ones.

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