Character Challenges

In 2015, I discovered these lists on Pinterest. They were prompts for drawing something specific every day. Some of them were called OC (own character) challenges, which required you to draw your own character in various poses or situations. I decided to give it a try, using myself as the character.

For a year, I drew every day. Every single day. It was part of my morning ritual, and the more I drew the more I enjoyed it. I even started creating my own challenges. Sometimes one wasn’t enough for the month, so I tried several.

Everything you see here was drawn digitally, using my iPad. After some time (and probably some software updates), my iPad started having problems with the stylus I was using. Straight lines weren’t straight anymore, and the pointer jumped around as it liked. Needless to say, it was more of a torture than joy at that point. So I stopped.

I did try to restart using Adobe Illustrator, but it didn’t last long. On one side, I had the comfort of sitting on the couch, whichever way I liked; on the other, I had to sit in the same pose for hours. Even though I drew some amazing art (yes, I love them all), the pain wasn’t worth it.

I have never been a fan of drawing backgrounds, so you won’t find many here. The characters, on the other hand, are probably among the best I’ve ever drawn, especially the ones I drew just before I stopped altogether. They still bring a smile to my face.


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